"Watch for all that beauty reflecting from you and sing a love song to your existence." 

- Rumi

Be bold, be brave and always be beautiful. These words drive me every day. Be bold by challenging and trusting yourself. Be brave by embracing fear and understanding you are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for. Always be beautiful by loving yourself and by treating your heart and body with the same care you would those who you love externally.

Through singing, songwriting and understanding music the Grace & Grit Music Academy is here to help girls and women reconnect with themselves and discover just how amazing they truly are.


Group exercises gaining insights through the expression and understanding of music

Techniques of expression through singing

Techniques of expression through music

Individually tailored sessions


In the few weeks that my daughter has been doing lessons with Kath I can already see great improvement starting with her confidence in herself to sing and perform in from of other people.  I can't wait for her to continue on this journey!

An amazing class! I go to so many class that are variations of the same thing, but Kath manages to bring something totally unique .  Having a professional musician lead a class is just brilliant and the kids love it! Also gives me lots of inspiration for songs to sing at home! :) 

Amazing and talented lady! Great with kids, very engaging and entertaining

"I really love writing with Kath. She has the most uplifting vibe and always makes me smile. I feel we can talk about absolutely anything which means we always write great, honest songs!"

Brooke Law - Pop Artist

Hidden (written by Brooke Law & Kath Haling was released on International Womens Day 2018 with all profits from sales going to the London Black Women's Project (





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